DIY Creamy Petroleum Jelly

If you're like me, you swear by the effectiveness of Petroleum Jelly!  It works to get rid of the itchy, scaly patches on the inside of my elbows, behind my knees, and areas around my neck that I get during the winter season.  I never have ashy feet and even with all this extra hand-washing due to covid-19, my hands have not cracked and peeled.  The only thing about Petroleum Jelly is that it can be relatively difficult to spread over my whole body and it does leave one pretty greasy.  My 6 year-old always complains about the residue I leave on the TV remote.  So to make it a little easier to work with, I decided to make my own personalized scented, creamy petroleum jelly.  It still offers the protection I need, but goes on smooth and smells great! Its super easy!

Just follow these steps:


Jar of Unscented Petroleum Jelly

Scented Lotion

Perfume/Body Spray (optional)

Spoon / Small Icing Spatula

Empty container with lid (i.e. old petroleum jelly jar)


Step 1: Transfer half the unscented petroleum jelly into the empty jar and set aside.  This reserve can be for when you need plain petroleum jelly for protecting wounds or removing eye makeup, etc.

Step 2: Pour enough lotion into the jar of petroleum jelly to cover the contents.  Mix until well blended.

Step 3: Add more lotion and mix until you have the desired consistency.  Keep in mind that the body spray/perfume will make it even thinner (if you plan to add it).

Step 4 (optional): Pour in a little bit of your favorite body spray or perfume to give it a custom scent.  Mix until well blended and that's it!

You'll find the scent will stay on you longer than usual and you'll want to use this recipe over and over again!

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