Memorial Day/Patriotic Wreath

This is a super easy, NO-GLUE-NEEDED, wreath that can be made as last minute Memorial Day or Independence Day decor.  You may be able to repurpose some things you already have around the house or that you can get from the Dollar Tree.  All you need are the following materials:



STEP 1 - Wrap the foam ring with the red fabric and tuck loose end into the fabric.

STEP 2 - Cut the looped rope on the bath sponge to make two separate ropes.  Tie the ends of the ropes in a knot around the covered foam ring.  Repeat with all the bath sponges until the one side of the ring is covered by the sponges.

Step 3 -  On the unfinished side of the ring, pull mesh from the bath sponge together to hide the knotted rope and red material.  Fasten the mesh together with a stapler.

Step 4 - Thread the red ribbon through the plastic canvas needle.  Then, randomly and loosely, weave the needle and ribbon in and out of the mesh all around the wreath.  Keep the ribbon loose to allow for a wavy effect.  Also be sure to have approximately 15 inches of ribbon hanging from the wreath to tie the bow.

Step 5 - Weave blue ribbon into the mesh between the hanging red ribbon.  Grab the red and blue ribbons together and tie into a bow.

Watch video for demonstration!

TIP #1 - If you're making it for Memorial Day, you can customize it to honor any men or women you may know that lost their liveswhile serving on behalf of our country.  On a small card, simply write "In Memory of: " and then write the individual's name.  Punch a hole in the end or corner and thread the ribbon through the hole to attach the card to the wreath.


TIP #2 - To thread the ribbon through the mesh bath sponge without a plastic canvas needle, cut the end of the ribbon on a slant to create a pointy end.  You should be able to push the pointy end through the holes in the mesh.


Memorial Day Wreath

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